Hey y'all! Is there a way to remove this
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Have you tried --emoji = false? I used to do it with the basic logger type - but I notice from the docs that is decprecated now.
Not working with Garden 0.12.61 😦
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garden deploy --logger-type basic --emoji=false --log-level=2

ℹ garden                    → Running in namespace local-env in environment local
ℹ providers                 → Getting status...
✔ providers                 → Getting status... → Cached
ℹ providers                 → Run with --force-refresh to force a refresh of provider statuses.
ℹ graph                     → Resolving 5 modules...
✔ graph                     → Resolving 5 modules... → Done
It actually helps, thank you now I don't see the weird colors!
Is there something that's blocking you from upgrading to 0.13?
Honestly no, just allocating the time, because I do have distributed config around that is 0.12