Garden templating in Helm value files
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I'm trying to use a garden variable in a helm value file, where the helm values file is supplied as an entry in varfiles. Doesn't seem like garden does the preprocess template substitution on these files, though - the garden template syntax passes through unchanged. Is there a way to make this work? I'm aware the templating would work in the values section, but this helm chart expects a giant nested object and I don't want to overwrite the whole thing. Is there a way I could add an entry to an existing array at a given path using the values section?
Tangentially, what's the right way to escape garden's templating when the workload would use the same syntax? When I use $${}, yes, garden doesn't try to substitute - but the string also goes through with the extra $ left in, which breaks the workload (filebeat)
because a) I can't garden-template in valuefiles and b) I can't pull the whole thing into my garden file because it breaks filebeat's templating, I am currently rather stuck oh sheesh. Has this really been impossible since march? :/
I don't really understand the workaround described there - garden still tries to expand templates after the comment
I've used a hacky script task to perform the templating as a dependency... but, having the templating be broken for 10 months is mebe a just a lil suboptimal
Hey @blue-kite-93685. First off, thanks for reporting this! We have a WIP pull request to address this: The issue turned out to be that escaping sometimes works, depending on where it's placed, which is why we had issues reproducing. You can track that PR for progress.