Do we have any concerns about making
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Do we have any concerns about making
the default? It's faster on all platforms, but significantly faster on Windows due to Windows having a high overhead for spawning subprocesses, and the
mode spawns a lot in larger projects.
Maybe @alert-helicopter-61082 has some more insights here? From what I can tell it works pretty stable and is fast.
JĂłn is best suited to answer this, but I think there was a suspicion back then that the
  mode might be slower on some common repo types. Maybe smaller ones with not too many subtrees? But if we're starting to feel like it's a better default, then maybe we should try that out. It's always easy to revert the default mode in a follow-up release if we start hearing complaints.
I've optimized it a bit a while back and now also made it fully work on Windows so I think it might be time to give it a shot. From my testing it's always faster now.
We should also see if we can eliminate more
git rev-parse --show-toplevel
calls from
, which are also very expensive on Windows when dealing with large projects.
Maybe we could cache the results of those calls (by working directory)?