Log when downstream actions are aborted
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I notice that when executing a given action fails we log the fail count and also include downstream dependencies. However, we don't actually log anything for the the downstream deps themselves. E.g., in the vote example, if deploying the API fails and we're doing a full deploy, Garden will log:
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2 deploy action(s) failed!
...because it's counting
which is downstream dep. We get the fail count here: https://github.com/garden-io/garden/blob/main/core/src/commands/base.ts#L1041 This is kind of confusing because otherwise we don't log anything about the
action. Can we also log for each downstream action that they have been aborted? In this case I'd expect something like:
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ℹ deploy.vote   → Aborting because executing upstream dependency "deploy.api" failed.
And same for other potential downstream actions.
...I couldn't see at a glance where in the code I'd add this.
Good point, we should definitely fix this.
The error message comes from the
helper, which receives all the results from the solver. Should be a quick fix, I'll have a look.
... turns out it's a bit more involved than I initially thought, since distinguishing between aborted VS errored nodes in the solver needs some careful bookkeeping.
Took another look, turned out to be quite simple. https://github.com/garden-io/garden/pull/5360