Great catch! We should definitely get
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Great catch! We should definitely get this over the line assuming @alert-helicopter-61082 's comments have been addressed.
Come to think of it, I think this PR may no longer be necessary now that we've merged the "metadata config map for
Deploy status checks" implementation. Without this PR, Deploy status handlers must never return
state: ready
  in their statuses when the input version is different than the deployed version—otherwise, transitive test dependencies won't always work (which leads to incorrect dependency behaviour). When this PR was written,
Deploys had this problematic behaviour (and only
Deploys, IIRC). I believe this is now actually OK with all our current Deploy types, but this PR would enforce that globally. That said, you could argue that we're being a bit heavy-handed in our dependency calculations in this PR compared to just documenting this requirement for the plugin SDK.
So I think this PR itself is probably fine as is, but the question remains whether we want it merged.
... actually, I'll check this more thoroughly first (I think this may still be a problem with