`garden deploy --env ephemeral` fails wi...
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Did we look into this one at all? https://github.com/garden-io/garden/issues/5142 Since this a is Mutagen error but the builds are failing, I'm assuming it has to do with syncing the build context but not sure though. I've seen this same Mutagen error intermittently but we should at least validate that this isn't happening consistently (if we haven't already) since obviously the Quickstart needs to work. Also, we need to update the Mutagen binary. There's a chance that helps with these errors.
Found this issue form mutagen repo which seems relevant https://github.com/mutagen-io/mutagen/issues/267#issuecomment-1179185022 Could be due to rsync not working properly. As the comment says, Mutagen v0.15 now prints out more information if the handshake fails. So updating mutagen should help with these kinda errors