Run Action dependency cache invalidation
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No idea if this is a known issue. I can create a bug ticket if it is not. If you have a Run action (a) that depends on a Run action (b) that depends on a Deploy action, and you’ve run all of these actions before, their statuses get cached so Garden doesn’t need to re-run them — all good so far. Then, if you delete and redeploy the Deploy action, I would want that to invalidate the previous run of both actions (b) and (a) but it does not. You can even force Run action (a) to run and it will error out (internally to the contents of the action, not a Garden error) because Garden will skip over (b) as having been run when in reality it has not been run against the new Deploy.
I noticed this with Bonsai edge but it might be an issue with Acorn as well.
Ah, ok, i can confirm this behavior is at least somewhat different than in Acorn. We have a workflow that deletes and recreates postgres and then runs a task that initializes our database and in Acorn the task will run as part of the workflow but in Bonsai the task gets skipped as already ran so the database doesn’t get initialized after a reset.
@mammoth-kilobyte-41764 sounds like you discovered a bug, do you mind opening this as an issue on GitHub so I can put this into the weekly task plan for our core devs?