Access application within one local network
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So i used Garden to develop my Web-application. My goal is to make my frontend available for mobile phone within my local network (Wi-Fi). For example, we forward ports in the router to my frontend port. But i have an issue. If i try to access my computer from the mobile phone, i access the default Garden Page 404, which tells me sth like - good news and bad news. Its sth up to NGINX, because kubectl get ingress shows me my ingresses with the default 80 port. So i really want to set it up. Thanks in advance!
Hey @damp-manchester-26851, if you are able to see the 404 page that means that you can actually reach at Garden's ingress, this might mean that your Action/Module config ingress might be just wrong, could you mind sharing those snippets?
@damp-manchester-26851 if you're still experiencing this issue can you please make a Gist or repository with enough code to reproduce?