Hey can I please have some tips to get started wi...
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Hey @microscopic-river-74022 can I please have some tips to get started with Garden?
Please stand by @bright-policeman-43626 as I search the knowledge base. We are experiencing especially high traffic right now and might take longer than usual. :wave:
---------------------- Sure! To get started with Garden, follow these steps: 1. Install the Garden CLI for your platform (macOS, Linux, or Windows). You can find the installation instructions in the Quickstart Guide (). 2. Go through the Quickstart Guide () to learn the basics of using Garden and deploying an example application. 3. Read the How Garden Works () page to understand the core concepts behind Garden. 4. Follow the Your First Project tutorial () to learn how to initialize a project, connect to a Kubernetes cluster, deploy and test the project, and configure your own project. 5. Explore the Using Garden () documentation section to learn about key concepts, action kinds, and types that Garden supports. 6. Check out the examples () folder in the Garden repository for usage examples that you can refer to while building your project. 7. Consider running Garden in your CI () to deploy preview environments and/or test your project. Remember to start gradually, learn the details as you go, and use more features as you get comfortable. If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out to the Garden Discord community (). ----------------------
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Thank you Kapa!