corrupt executables with our PluginTools installer
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i had been seeing weird corrupt executable issues with my garden-installed
versions on my new work laptop, with an easy workaround of manually downloading, extracting, and moving to the
directory apparently this is reproducible in CI as well
the original issue report talks about upgrading from node 18 to node 19, however there is also this comment in the thread: > Can either of you confirm what I say in my previous comment? In my case using Node 18.15.0 no error occurs. However, the files are corrupted if Node 18.16.0 is used.
and looking at the image we use
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docker run --rm -it node:18-alpine@sha256:1ccc70acda680aa4ba47f53e7c40b2d4d6892de74817128e0662d32647dd7f4d --version   
ah, looks like a fix has been merged recently on May 10th
sadly, upgrading to
does not appear to fix the issue
filed a tracking issue for this
there's no good immediate replacement for
for our usecase, as we need streaming support and not a lot of the libraries provide that. additionally, most of the unzipping libraries in the ecosystem are even less maintained than
- they might suffer from the same issues on Node