Issue building in github actions
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Getting this bizarre error. I'm using local-docker build mode inside of a github action (this was working with garden 0.12). This seems like it might be some kind of internal garden docker copy executable problem? Any help appreciated. This is holding up builds for us. Happy to send a silly log privately. TIA:
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message: "Deploy type=container name=board-viewer failed: Error: processing Deploy type=container name=board-viewer failed: Error: processing Deploy type=container name=api-server failed: Error: processing Build type=container name=api-server failed: Error: Unable to run docker command: An error occurred while trying to run '/github/home/.garden/tools/docker/e9744f1ea7f84408/docker/docker' (spawn /github/home/.garden/tools/docker/e9744f1ea7f84408/docker/docker ENOENT). Please make sure '/github/home/.garden/tools/docker/e9744f1ea7f84408/docker/docker' is installed and in the $PATH."
Hey @eager-yacht-45658 I'm sorry for the issues caused, do you mind sending your silly log here? (If it doesn't include any private/confidential info). Also if you have any snippets that could help us reproduce this issue that would be great!
Sure- nothing sensitive. Thank you - @bright-policeman-43626
Thanks, I'll review it. and share my findings. To reproduce this, I should only try to use local-docker build inside GitHub actions with Bonsai right? Any specific config that might help me reproduce this?
Yes - thank you - @bright-policeman-43626
I don't have a specific config but I will work on getting a repro repo setup
Where does the referenced docker executable
come from? Any reason it would be incompatible with an ubuntu host image?
Gonna continue reproducing this today; hopefully I can get to the end of this
we've downgraded back to 0.12 for now
@eager-yacht-45658 if you upgrade to Bonsai again in the future and experience this issue, please open a bug report on our issue tracker and I will prio this for you 🙏 I am setting this to resolved for now so I know what issues I need to attend to. Just highlight me here if you want this reopened at any point