Does Garden support Helm subcharts?
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We use a distributed model where individual repos have subcharts.
Do you mind giving us a little bit more context on this one? When you say subcharts you mean that you have a repository that has code and also the Helm Chart lives in the same repository? If that's it then yes, you can use the Helm chart in subpaths of your repository structure! If I'm not tackling this issue in the right direction please feel free to continue the conversation! 🌸
Thanks, sorry I don't seem to get notifications of replies 😦
@big-spring-14945 are you by any chance familiar with subcharts with Garden? I can't seem to find any ref to this one
Hi @ripe-waitress-95132 I found an answer from one of our founders on subcharts and Garden and I'll just quote him directly here 🙂 "...the 'parent chart that deploys a bunch of subcharts' pattern isn’t a good fit for how Garden does deployments (since the parent chart would become the only 'service').This is a pretty common question/issue from advanced Helm users that are considering adopting Garden, but as things stand, they’ll need to do a bit of duplication of logic—in the Garden setup, they’ll use our dependency logic and Garden’s templating, and separately maintain a parent chart that reimplements similar semantics via Helm templating." Tagging @swift-garage-61180 should this have changed
I do think these charts should deploy just fine—it's just that the parent + children will be treated as a single deployment by Garden.
... it's been a while since I looked at this though.