Bonsai (0.13.0) and nginx ingress controller fails...
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After upgrading to the 0.13 version of the CLI, running any command tries to update the nginx ingress controller and fails. Steps to replicate: - Running on Ubuntu 18 - Start with 0.12.56 version of garden - Create a new kind cluster (kind version is 0.17.0 - - Initialize garden resources in the cluster via
garden plugins local-kubernetes cluster-init
- Upgrade to the 0.13.0 version of the CLI - Run
garden validate
- this triggers upgrades of garden managed resources including the nginx controller Expected results: No errors and components are updated Actual results:
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Resource: "batch/v1, Resource=jobs", GroupVersionKind: "batch/v1, Kind=Job"
Name: "ingress-nginx-admission-patch", Namespace: "ingress-nginx"
...TopologySpreadConstraints:[]core.TopologySpreadConstraint(nil), OS:(*core.PodOS)(nil)}}: field is immutable
Failed resolving one or more providers:
- local-kubernetes
Full log is attached
It seems like this is because of the
secret; sadly, this happens to me as well; for now, I solved it by deleting the
namespace and redeploying with a regular
garden deploy
not sure if we changed something about the nginx ingress in Bonsai that might be breaking this part? cc @big-spring-14945 / @calm-family-29323
@bright-policeman-43626 @calm-family-29323 has this been already addressed? Looks like we need a GitHub issue for this, if not!
it has not afaik
Is there a GitHub issue for this that I can follow?
@aloof-gpu-13406 @kind-jordan-85111