How is garden keeping the version of each module
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Hi, i would like to know how i can influence the version of each module. Currently if i execute garden deploy every module is build new even if there was no code change. Kind regards
Hey there @colossal-salesclerk-87522. This shouldn't be the case IMO, what version of Garden are you using? Are you using the
module or Helm/K8s?
container module
garden version 0.12.55
i have the deploy on a docker runner, should i store .garden on a volume?
so its the same state everytime the runner runs garden deploy?
switched now to garden 0.13
Yeah; potentially you would need to keep .garden in your runner somehow; I believe maybe Garden is re-creating the .garden folder every single time and it can't keep up with the state of the actual deployment; do y'all have any insight into this process @calm-family-29323 / @ancient-diamond-80011 ?
Garden build versions shouldn't change even if the garden directory is deleted. What are you using for your container repository, it might be that garden can't access or find built images and thus rebuilds every time.
azure container registry
the build images are there and sometimes it access it for example on a git revert it take the old images but the moment there is a new commit it builds everything new
Could you confirm that the Build versions are the same between the changes? You can do so by running the build command and looking for the
tag or by running
get modules
Im not sure i understand you, i would like if it would be the same version then it would just pull the image for the module.
Can you provide us some examples of what changes are you doing between commits that are not supposed to affect the version of the containers that Garden deploys? Maybe you are indeed changing some config that is triggering some unexpected changes
Regular commits nothing really special and its mostly no config change.
i have another problem how does hotrelad / sync work with 0.13 and old module definition? getting the following: ⚠ graph → Deploy type=container name=campaign-api-gateway (from module campaign-api-gateway) is not configured for or does not support sync mode ✔ graph → Done (took 2.2 sec) ⚠ deploy.campaign-api-gateway → Deploy type=container name=campaign-api-gateway (from module campaign-api-gateway) does not support syncing.
is there a way to easely fall back to 0.12?
does not support syncing
means sync is not configured for that deploy/service, you need to add the configuration manually. See the code sync guide for instructions
im using the old module configuration and sync is configured
sync: paths: - target: /app
have fallen back to cli 0.12 will do a complete migration later