When running two processes of core, in the second ...
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When running two processes of core, in the second process (deploying garden-platform itself), I get
Unexpected error handling request ID f22385ff-c69f-4671-8056-a1f74e773dab: Unable to process request: Lock file is already being held
. Other than that, logs are streamed and I don't see an actual error. Not sure what other context I can provide, but it's easy to reproduce on my end
Thanks for reporting this! I haven't been able to repro this yet—I tried running
garden dev
  and then
garden deploy
in another terminal window (both in the platform project) but didn't get an error. Is this different from what you did?
We've known there are some edge-case errors relating to the new lockfile setup on the global config store, but have had trouble coming up with a consistent repro. Since you can reliably repro this, I'd love to pair on this at some point and do some debugging.
... unless I'm able to repro it myself, that is!
I'm running a local build of garden in a quickstart project (
garden dev
) and the same local build in garden-platform, except with the port param – I could try with the new release, see if it happens there
But otherwise happy to take a look at this with you when we get a chance!