I am updating the docs for garden workflows in bon...
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I am updating the docs for garden workflows in bonsai and saw that we removed a lot of outputs from some commands e.g. build. These outputs were quite useful to reference as step outputs e.g. this workflow used to work in acorn because there were a lot of outputs available see https://docs.garden.io/reference/commands#outputs
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kind: Workflow
name: test-outputs
  - name: build-images
    command: [build]
  - name: foo
    script: |
      echo ${steps.build-images.outputs.builds.api.version}"
But does not in bonsai because build now only has the outputs described here https://docs.garden.io/v/bonsai-release/reference/commands#outputs Is there an alternative way to get to this data now or did we decide to remove it entirely?
I could not find a way to get the version of an action or module from a previous step. This means that something like custom publishing a build container in a workflow wouldn't really work.
I think this is a miss on our part
Okay, i will adjust the docs accordingly and create an issue for these outputs to be added again.
yea checked the code and we just forgot to update that part