When do we have next release for 0.12.* ? (I need ...
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When do we have next release for 0.12.* ? (I need to decide on reverting pulumi related changes or fixing them based on the timeline)
depends on prioritization and finding the time to run through the release process šŸ˜… (we really need to make it easier and more one-click in the near future) have you done a core release before?
i could try to walk you through it some time today or tomorrow
This week is bit tight scheduled with support and fixing those pulumi plugin regressions I introduced before the next release. I can take it next week hoping that Pulumi things are fixed by then. Thank you!
sounds good, happy to help!
any news on this? a customer was asking this morning about when the next release is happening, since there's a bug fix they're eager to see go out (which is currently tested and working for them on edge)
and, whenever we do the next release, let's make sure this gets handled properly too: https://discord.com/channels/817392104711651328/1103779659696582768