<@729320201803530341> Currently it seems that the ...
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@alert-helicopter-61082 Currently it seems that the task status is resolved even if
force == true
which seems unnecessary I think it'd make sense to just execute the actions and not even bother resolving the statuses
This is because the process handlers currently need the status to be resolved. In most cases, the process handler (e.g. deploy, run etc.) needs to query for status upfront anyway, so it doesn't end up being a lot of extra work or time.
cc @swift-garage-61180
On that note: I think we could speed things up a bit by providing the
to the router method and leveraging that in e.g. deployment handlers. For example, this status: https://github.com/garden-io/garden/blob/0.13/core/src/tasks/deploy.ts#L107-L113 Could be used instead of refetching it here: https://github.com/garden-io/garden/blob/0.13/core/src/plugins/kubernetes/container/deployment.ts#L60
Same applies for
Deploys (but not
Deploys, at a glance).
The status checks should be relatively cheap, though, so this is probably not hi-pri. I'd be happy to look into this when we think the time is right (and if we think it's a good idea).