Could you assign/include <@969177035253612584> and...
# šŸ’»ļ½œcontributing
Could you assign/include @quaint-dress-831 and @bright-policeman-43626 to any docs-related PRs that are live or TODO,Ā @calm-family-29323 @curved-intern-91221? Community Engineering will be having a look through the docs and deciding if anything needs further elaboration or explaining, so we should include them in any in-flight discussions.
c Feel free pick any you like (you can ignore the currently assigned people as I think nothing is in process)
Cool, we'll put this on our sprint calendar this week
cc @bright-policeman-43626
Just an update. @bright-policeman-43626 and I moved our sprint planning to this Friday the 12th due to illness on my side and existing responsibilities