Hey all I think the Core version is still set to ...
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Hey all I think the Core version is still set to 0.12.x on the 0.13 branch. This causes some issues when testing against Cloud which checks for the client version. Shouldn't we update it to 0.13-alpha or similar? I'm assuming this is just read from the package.json but not entirely sure how updating it jives with the release process.
ideally yes, sadly in practice there are some friction points here
some version naming schemes make yarn unhappy, and others make our documentation links (and the check-docs script) unhappy
because our docs assume that there exists a pushed tag on github so that it can be an in-tree permalink
we do have a
pre-release pushed as a tag to github nowadays, but if we made that the version in the code and for yarn, and made changes to the docs and links, those links can be broken until we make another pre-release with the new tag and the new edited docs
having a link checker is great, but it does come with its drawbacks as well - especially when combined with development versions
the other alternative of just using
with no further qualifiers as the version, as that's the name of our long-lived branch and would exist on github, doesn't work because it's not a valid semver version for node/yarn purposes
Ah ok. Maybe we should set the version explicitly then for API calls but not mess with the package files.
yeah i don't know what the best (or least-worst) solution here would be, but it could be nice to figure out something better for the long term as well
perhaps we could reconsider our documentation links and their versioning in general at some point
another side effect right now is when you make a release you'll get 37 files changed because the version string changes in all those links, and i'm not sure if that's ideal