PR 4020 questions
# 💻|contributing
checked out the project locally, and i can confirm that
gdev13 serve
doesn't error out. however i'm also unsure if it is doing anything / how it is supposed to be used? 😅 it doesn't really print out anything. running
gdev13 serve --help
shows me that it's supposed to start a dashboard at port 9700 by default, but there's nothing there as it has been removed in 0.13 🤔
aha, the output is very different if i run
gdev13 login
first - wonder if we should have some warning / suggestion / other if you're not logged in?
this just opens the garden server to communicate with cloud
should probably change the description to say that
yeah - and i wonder if we should actually exit with an error if you're not logged in
(or alternatively, prompt you to log in)
because currently if you're not logged in, it'll just sit there not doing anything but also not show you that anything is wrong
@swift-garage-61180 wdyt
If you're not logged in, it should either error out or attempt to log you in automatically imho.
okay, i'll make a pr for this 👍
on a second thought: should we deprecate this
garden serve
command in its entirety? if you are already logged in, doesn't (nearly) any command start a session with the Garden Cloud Dashboard anyway?
or to put it the other way around - what would be the usecase of manually starting a server, now that it isn't a local dashboard anymore
You can just start it without doing anything and then use the cloud command palate to control core. Or if you want to get the stack graph on cloud this will also emit it without actually taking any actions