BTW, self-update to the 0.13 pre-release is not wo...
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BTW, self-update to the 0.13 pre-release is not working:
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% garden self-update 0.13.0-0
Update Garden 🗞️

Checking for latest version...
Installation directory: /opt/homebrew/Cellar/garden-cli/0.12.53/libexec
Current Garden version: 0.12.53
Latest release version: 0.12.53

Downloading version 0.13.0-0 from

Could not find version 0.13.0-0 for macos-amd64.
Here are the latest available versions: edge, 0.12.53, 0.12.52, 0.12.51, 0.12.50, 0.12.49, 0.12.48, 0.12.47, 0.12.46, 0.12.45, 0.12.44
I think this was done by necessity to avoid older versions of Core updating to 0.13.
Can't we enable installing pre-releases without auto-updating to them? Similar to edge 🤔
@curved-intern-91221 was working on the self-update command. This may actually be because 0.13.0-0 is marked as a pre-release? At any rate, we really do need to update the self-update command in 0.12.x
yeah we just checked, the self-update command doesn't support (and hasn't supported) updating to a pre-release version, only official releases and
pre-releases are intended to be short-lived anyway, so i'm a bit ambivalent on whether we want to add support for it or not
I'd like the support to be there, but only if you explicitly name it on the command line
Well, we can support it in the same way as we support stable releases and edges. So, a user can exec
garden self-update 0.13.0-0
to fetch the pre-release. I'll take this today.
Awesome! Good work Vova! This also simplifies the windows testing workflow, during the release process